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Welcome to StarXade Game Hub

The World of VR Gaming.

Here you will find all the gaming updates that you might need to know. From the best VR games in the market to the detailed reviews and analysis of each one of them, it has it all!

Key components in playing VR Games

Graphics Card

Graphics Card

The graphics card is the heart and soul of any VR-ready gaming PC, and unless you’ve picked up new hardware recently, yours might not be up to snuff.


The CPU or central processing unit is your gaming rig’s brain, and while the graphics card will be doing most of the heavy lifting in virtual reality, you’ll still need a CPU that’s up to the task.
Memory (RAM)

Memory (RAM)

RAM is fairly cheap, and more RAM generally means your PC can do more things at once before it bogs down.
Power supply

Power supply

Power supplies are the unsung heroes of most PC builds, and getting a great one will save you a lot of headaches down the road.
Are you interested in VR Gaming?



Virtual Reality Games

Virtual Reality gaming is an idea which involves putting technology to use in such a way that it creates a simulated environment for the gaming purposes. It takes the users inside a pre-designed experience and enables them to interact with a 3-D world by using VR headsets or glasses. Since the beginning of video gaming, gamers have been in a constant struggle to bring games to life! They have always wished to erase the thin line between the real and virtual world and let the players have an experience right inside of the game. Through VR gaming, they have somewhat achieved it!

Virtual Reality games take aid from some sound devices and specially designed headsets to make players interact within the game. The advanced devices even have the tendency to track down the eye moments of the players and shifting the gaming experience accordingly. This adds to the VR experience as it makes the game look more realistic.

VR gaming is something which has gained a lot of popularity and recognition lately and is on its way to becoming one of the leading businesses in the world.

On one hand VR gaming is believe to be one of the most enjoyable experiences that have ever been designed by the tech-industry but on the other hand, it also has its disadvantages.

virtual-reality-1389033_960_720Wearing the headset and the VR glasses for too long gives a sense of fatigue to the players making them lethargic for the rest of the day and might result in patient suffering motion sickness and dizziness. It also produces a feeling of enclosure among individuals and can lead to unhealthy physical side effects.

Another more psychological effect that VR gaming has on people is that drives them far from reality. The people who get addicted to the experience and tend to have it more than normal start viewing it as means of escapism, so whenever any real life problems come up, they tend to lose their selves inside the gaming world which makes them less helpless and gives them power and command over what’s happening around them. Their ability to cope with real world problems starts diminishing, as they prefer the virtual world to the real one. Therefore, gaming should be enjoyed but limits must be set beforehand to avoid any unpleasant after effects.

Best Games to Play with VR-Glasses

Ever since the use of virtual reality has been introduced in the gaming world, hundreds of games have been made using this principle; some of them got to be very successful while the others went down the road unnoticed. There are however a few amazing ones which are capable of making you strap on your VR glasses and set out on a ride! Whatever the case maybe, these never cease to amaze the gamers. It is just like a very real experience of thrill and excitement. All gaming companies are these days focused on designing and coming up with the VR games that offer a very thrilling yet realistic experience. The top rated games of this category are listed below:



EVE, Valkyrie

This game has its setting in the vast world of EVE. It surely is one of the most heavily anticipated games, which employ the use of VR glasses. It takes the gamers on a ride of the expansive universe. Based on the concept of science fiction, it takes the players on inter- galactic space fighting tour and makes them experience inter – galactic space fighting.


imagesRobinson – The Journey

This game features many gigantic creatures like the dinosaurs and is set in a far off exciting land. It is said that it might be one of the best games, VR – gamers can lay their hands on. It is believed to satisfy its players by all means whatsoever.




Time Machine

The game is based on the underwater experience of a child who is dealing with parent alcoholism.

He lives a life floating along with the deep-sea dinosaurs and other creatures. It won’t be wrong to grade Time Machine as one of the most intriguing VR games of the present.


Nobody Explodes

It is the most interesting yet a very technical game that involves Virtual Reality. It is a two-player game. One of them is supposed to diffuse a bomb while the other is provided with a set of instruction to follow in order to fulfill the task effectively. Letting the danger of exploding hanging over the heads of the players, it keeps them on a fright ride until the end!


The Deep

This game has what most others don’t have, a shark!

This game is set inside the claustrophobic boundaries of a cage is the deep blue see where it encounters a shark gnawing at him. He has to find an escape before he ends up on the shark’s dinner table! If all its effects turn out well, it might end up as one of the most successful virtual reality games out in the market.

edgeofnowhereEdge of Nowhere

It is yet another amazing journey to be experienced through the VR glasses. It involves mountaineering but falls in the genre of survival horror. The player has to face certain monstrous creatures and fight them all. It involves many hallucinating scenes due to which it is predicted that it might be one of the most unsettling games in the VR industry.